Written Resistance: Writing Your Personal Stories to Resist Injustice

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Expressing and sharing our personal stories—to use our own voice to frame our lived experiences—is imperative in a time when authoritarian, anti-democratic forces are relentless in their intent on silencing us. Expressing our stories in this context is not only an act of personal empowerment and healing, but also a revolutionary act of resisting injustice.

The basic premise of this workshop is that our stories make a difference. Stories change hearts and minds. Stories incite change. Stories bring us together and make us stronger as individuals and as a movement of resistance. Expressing the truth of our lives in the face of the barrage of lies is a powerful tool for social change.

In this 4-week workshop, you will learn strategies for selecting the stories you want to tell, expressing those stories in the genre/format of your choosing, determining your audience, editing, revising, and strengthening your stories, and ways to get your story out in the world as a stand against injustice.

Share your story   /   Raise your voice   /   Be the change


  • Week 1: Selecting Your Story (Sunday, April 30- Saturday, May 6). This week will involve discussions and writing prompts designed to help you select and determine the scope of your personal story.
  • Week 2: Ways to Tell Your Story (Sunday, May 7- Saturday, May 13) This week will involve learning about different narrative arrangements and determining the genre that best suits your story and your audience.
  • Week 3: Drafting Your Story (Sunday, May 14- Saturday, May 20) This week will involve drafting your story, as well as giving and receiving feedback on your story. 
  • Week 4: Sharing Your Story (Sunday, May 21- Saturday, May 27) This week will involve sharing your polished story with the workshop, exploring different venues to share your stories, and considerations for your next steps towards telling your stories as a stand against injustice.

Details & Registration

  • Each week there will be a) content provided online including readings and brief videos, b) one or two discussion questions to get us talking, and c) two or three writing prompts for you to complete before participating in discussion threads as well as writing prompts to be completed independently.
  • Liz will respond to all comments and questions posted in the discussions.
  • Expect to spend 1+ hour per week engaging the content, responding to the writing prompts, and participating in discussions.
  • This workshop is FREE. If you would like a personal 30-minute consultation with Liz, contact her for rates and availability. Please contact Liz through the form below to secure your spot and for payment information. 
  • Location: ONLINE

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To register, please fill out this form indicating your interest in the workshop. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you! 

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