A Brave Space tutorials are quick, self-guided lessons about specific topics related to different aspects of writing, Some will be most useful for students writing scholarly papers for school, whereas others will be more useful for folks wanting to use writing as a means of self-exploration, or to participate in a community process.

Anything goes here! (well, of course, if it is related to writing)


The Process of Writing: Seven Steps to Help You Avoid Writer's Block and Create Polished, Professional Prose

In this brief tutorial, I will share a step-by-step process that will help you develop your ideas more thoroughly and alleviate any stress or anxiety you have about writing in general. 


Using the "Sandwich Technique" to Integrate Quotations into Your Writing--Coming Soon!

This tutorial will describe a way to smoothly integrate quotations and paraphrases into the flow of your own prose.  


Writing Together: Considerations for Writing Groups--Coming Soon!

For those interested in hosting a writing group, or building community by writing and sharing your work, this tutorial offers tip for creating a safe, respectful, and fun creative environment.