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Just a quick note to say WOW and thank you for offering your class on TLA. I just started and already I feel so blessed, as if I am taking a graduate level course with all the readings and resources you have provided! I am devouring the materials and I feel as if I’ve stumbled upon a community I’ve been searching for without knowing its name. :)
— Lisa Chu, MD, Narratives of Self & Society: Writing Life Stories for Change
Liz brings a heart-felt sense of purpose to her work that stems from a deep sense of knowing for her self and intuiting in others what is meaningful, most valuable and serves the greater good.
— Robbyn McGill, Kissing the Muse
Liz provided a wealth of materials. She shared her own journey. Participants were encouraging and active. Prompts were stimulating!
— Anonymous, Cultivating Our Voices: Writing Life Stories for Change
Liz exemplifies the highest standards for teaching. It was immediately obvious that Liz had command of the classroom. With a mixture of passion and intensity she created a close rapport with students very quickly.
— Maria Mattioli, JFK University
I thought the selection of readings, videos and other materials were very well-chosen and were interesting and helpful and informative. The discussion questions and writing prompts were well integrated with the readings and the instructor’s comments were very insightful and encouraging.
— Anonymous, Cultivating Our Voices: Writing Life Stories for Change
Liz was absolutely brilliant as a facilitator. Very attentive and thoughtful, and her prompts and chosen texts were perfect.
— Anonymous, Writing Our Lives: The Poetic Self & Transformation
Liz Burke is an exceptional individual who has the tremendous ability to create an environment for students to inspire them to be better writers.
— Janella Bautista, JFK Univeristy
I now have readily available different ways of approaching revision that are less daunting so I might become more confident to consider submitting for publication.
— Anonymous, Writing Our Lives: The Poetic Self & Transformation
Liz offered real constructive criticism and pushed us kindly, confidently and with skill to become better writers.
— Lauren T., JFK University
Professor Burke ‘builds the bridge’ seamlessly, with compassion, integrity, and professionalism.
— Stacy D. Gunner, San Jose State University
The resources were excellent!! Very applicable, inspiring and instructional. They provided much food for thought!
— Anonymous, Writing Our Lives: The Poetic Self & Transformation
I have taken a few courses through TLAN and some through other groups and I want to say that the readings and other materials offered in these courses, this one included, are consistently of a more thoughtful quality, or are more demanding, in a good way, than is usually the case with the courses I have taken elsewhere. I always feel I have gotten my intellectual, emotional and creative money’s worth. So thank you!
— Anonymous, Cultivating Our Voices: Writing Life Stories for Change
Liz helped me finalize the revised senior capstone course. This process involved several detailed discussions. She freely shared examples from her classes and instructed me about potential problems. Liz remains available for questions and sharing pedagogical orientations and practices. Students clearly articulate their respect for her, describing her teaching manner as thorough, detailed, supportive, instructive, clear, and actually fun.
— Terri M. Davis, JFK University

Clients & Collaborators

Liz has worked with include students, faculty, and other professionals from these organizations.

  • Transformative Language Arts Network

  • Argosy University

  • University of California, Irvine

  • University of California, San Francisco

  • San Jose State University

  • Fielding Graduate University

  • Mills College

  • Graduate Theological Union

  • John F. Kennedy University

  • University of Waikato, New Zealand

  • Kissing the Muse

  • SirkelBee Designs

  • Frontier Nursing University