Throughout the year, we offer a a variety of face-to-face, small group writing workshops  in Oakland, California. These workshops are often very broad in focus and offer an opportunity to connect with your creativity, jumpstart your writing, and provide a safe, supportive space to share your work.  See the Workshops page for additional details.

Online Classes Coming Soon!

Numerous online courses are currently being developed and are scheduled to premiere January 2018. These courses will include elements that are self-directed, as well as opportunities to connect with others, offer support, feedback, and engage the content themes and your process with them. 

A Brave Space Poets Online Discussion Group

A Brave Space Poets is an inclusive online community in which members share, appreciate, discuss, question, and are inspired by poetry. This community offers a space for self-reflection, for finding solace in thoughtful, deliberate, and beautiful language, and exploring how poetry is vital when aggressive forces seek to divide us. 

No poetry experience required! This group is open to newcomers who are curious about poetry, long-time poetry lovers, and anyone in between. No need to have a Facebook account to participate. To view and join the discussion, visit this page


Online tutorials are quick, self-guided lessons about specific topics related to different aspects of writing. Some will be most useful for students writing scholarly papers for school, whereas others will be more useful for folks wanting to use writing as a means of self-exploration, or to participate in a community process. See the Tutorials page for additional details.

Individual Manuscript Coaching, Private Writing Sessions, & Editing

Liz Burke-Cravens is available to work with you one-on-one on the writing project of your choice, whether you have a manuscript that you want to develop, or are just beginning a writing project. Liz can offer guidance with a variety of genres including scholarly papers, research studies, poetry, fiction, memoir, and writing as a practice of self-exploration and expression.  

If have any questions at all about these services, please feel free to contact us at Liz will be happy to talk with you!