Workshop Agreements & Guidelines

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With the intention of creating a safe, supportive, and creatively constructive online space, please review the following workshop agreements and guidelines.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for these guidelines, please contact Liz directly at Thank you! 


I ask participants to agree to the following guidelines to make the class as welcoming as possible for all:

1. Please do not share personal information about other students without permission.

2. Remember all that's shared in this class is confidential.

3. Please don't share the facilitator's material without permission.

4. We maintain a welcoming and safe environment here. Please do not post any responses to one another that attacks or demeans another participant based on that participant's race, religion, gender, sexual oriental, disability, background, etc. Harassment will not be tolerated and will result in the harasser being removed from the class.

5. Participants do not need to read material written by other class members if they find that material upsetting.

Workshop Feedback Guidelines


Each week there will be a workshop discussion space in which you share an original poem of your choosing in order to receive constructive feedback from the group. I ask participants to communicate their feedback from the perspective of a reader, first by expressing what stood out to them as compelling, and second by expressing where they want to know more or need clarification.

To help you provide constructive feedback, consider the following questions:

1. What parts of the poem stood out to you as particularly strong or intriguing?

2. What parts resonates with you? What does it evoke?

3. What parts are somewhat unclear to you?

4. Is there any aspect of the poem that you want to know more about or would like more detail?

5. Was there a part of the poem that was confusing to you as a reader?