Poetry Workshop Week 1 Workshop Space



Welcome to our first online workshop space. Here, please share a poem of your choosing--it can be something you wrote years ago or something you wrote 5 minutes ago. Choose a poem you would like to work on further and would like our feedback on. If you have a particular question about your poem, please convey that as well. 

Before beginning here, make sure you have reviewed the Workshop Agreements & Guidelines. To help you provide constructive feedback, consider the following questions:

1. What parts of the poem stood out to you as particularly strong or intriguing?

2. Which parts resonate with you? What does it evoke?

3. What parts are somewhat unclear to you?

4. Is there any aspect of the poem that you want to know more about or would like more detail?

5. Was there a part of the poem that was confusing to you as a reader?