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Individual Support & Other Services

For many, joining a writing group or taking an online class may not be the type of support that best suits their needs and creative practice, yet they may still want support, encouragement, and guidance. Liz is available to work with you individually or with your particular group in the following ways.

Be with those who help your being Rumi personalized writing sessions and book completion services by Liz Burke-Cravens

Personalized Writing Sessions

These sessions are designed to meet your unique writing process, practice, and goals. Our initial session will involve an exploration of your visions for your writing, what you sense as being your obstacles as well as those moments when the words seem to come easily, and your short-term and long-term goals. Liz will develop writing prompts that help you loosen up any words that might feel stuck and that will encourage a deeper connection with your creative self. These sessions can be held in person or virtually via video conferencing.

Book Completion / Manuscript Development

If you have an idea for a book-length or other lengthy manuscript, Liz can work with you, offering encouragement and accountability as you bring your project to completion. These sessions are great for anyone who has manuscript in the works that was put aside for some time but now is ready to breathe fresh life into it or for those actively working on a project and sense a need for some extra support and guidance. Liz can help you develop your ideas and make a plan to complete the work with achievable smaller steps and a realistic timeline. These sessions can be held in person or virtually via video conferencing.

Working with Your Group or Organization

Writing workshops offer the opportunity to deepen relationships, strengthen community, and enhance participants sense of belonging and unity. Liz is happy to work with you to develop a one-time workshop or series of workshops to suit the needs for your group or organization. We can focus on particular elements of craft or some other area of learning — whatever it is that will meet the needs of your group. I have worked with adult students, working-class identified groups, university faculty, LGBTQIA+ communities, women living with the aftermath of sexual assault and harassment, feminist activists, poets/writers of all kinds, and many others.

For more information, or if you have questions about any of these services, please contact Liz at