Groups, Workshops & Courses

We come together to learn and write in community in a variety ways, most commonly in groups, workshops, and courses.

Groups are primarily focused on generating new writing along with sharing our inspirations and challenges in discussion forums.

Workshops, on the other hand, place more emphasis on giving and receiving feedback on writing, accountability check-ins, discussions of process with some generative writing exercises.

Courses, both online and in person, tend to be a bit more formal in delivery with emphasis on elements of craft or a focusing concept, as well as developing new writing and workshopping our writing for feedback. 


Wellspring Writers

In this group, we will write together, engaging a variety of prompts to get our words flowing and those ideas, images, and voices that are present inside of us out onto the page. This group offers the space to play, inquire, get in touch with your writer-self, and write through any blocks or feelings of creative “stuck-ness.” By the end of the 3-hour workshop, you will have new material to develop into poems, essays, blogs, or stories as well as ideas for future writing.

  • Meets in person every 2nd Saturday of the month

  • Suitable for all writers


Upcoming 2018 Meeting dates:   

August 11  |  September 15  |  October 6  

November 10  | December 8


CATALYST: Writing in Community

The premise of this group is that writing is a catalyst, a process and expression that effects change, both personal and social. Writing affirms life and our struggles. We use it to explore society, the world, our histories, and experiences. By writing in community, we develop trusting relationships and create a safe—and brave—space, which allows us to be vulnerable, and in turn, empowered. During this 6-week writing group, you will have the opportunity to generate a robust new body of work and join in on weekly video conferencing sessions for check-ins, live discussion, and sharing.

  • Meets online. Includes one video conferencing session per week.

 Fall 2018 Sessions:

September 23 - November 4


Brave Writers (advanced workshop)

This advanced writing group is for those committed to working on a specific writing project or manuscript, such as a collection of poems, memoir, or novel. We meet two times per month to write, check-in on your project, receive and give feedback, coaching, peer support and accountability. This group offers a supportive and encouraging community to help you achieve your writing goals. A 3-month commitment is required. Limited to 6 writers.

  • Meets two times per month in person (or video conferencing when preferred)





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Brave Poets

In this 6-week poetry workshop, you will find an encouraging environment in which you can experiment with new forms, play with language and imagery, generate new material, and invigorate your writing practice. You will be inspired by readings--both prose and poetry--and discussions of craft, the poems of other workshop participants, and a variety of generative writing prompts to get you started. As a creative and supportive community, we will respond to each other’s work, offering feedback focusing on what works in our new poems and areas that could be strengthened with the goal of expanding your writing practice and creative community.  

  • Meets online with 1 video conferencing session each week

September 16 - October 27, 2018    |    ONLINE with WEEKLY VIDEO CONFERENCING


Cultivating Our Voices: Writing Life Stories for Change

September 5 - October 16, 2018

Throughout this 6-week course, we will explore our various life experiences as a springboard for generating life stories that reflect our distinctive voices. By the end of the course, you will have a body of new writing, a clearer understanding of your writer voice, and an enhanced ability to connect with your audience. 

  • Meets online with 1 optional video conferencing session

If you say what’s on your mind in the language that comes to you from your parents and your street and friends you’ll probably say something beautiful.
— Grace Paley