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Around the Campfire: Nurturing Your Poetic Voice

Around the Campfire: Nurturing Your Poetic Voice is an online class inspired by something poet Kamilah Aisha Moon said in an interview: “Through poetry, we can transform ourselves and change others as we sit around each other’s poems like campfires for warmth and sustenance.” Liz Burke-Cravens created this online writing class to bring people together to write, learn and support each other’s writing practice and goals.
Through poetry, we can transform ourselves and change others as we sit around each other’s poems like campfires for warmth and sustenance.
— Kamila Aisha Moon

Course Summary

When we write and share our work in a supportive creative community we nurture ourselves and those who join us. Writing together and witnessing one another’s creative work can help inspire ideas, soften our wounds, and enliven our writing practice. This 6-week online writing class is intended exactly for that: to come together around the campfire in creative community, to learn, to write, to nurture our poetic voice, and support each other along the way. 


This class is ideal for those with any level of experience writing poetry, from those who have never written a poem and are curious to explore it, to those who have written thousands of poems and are looking for the spaciousness, community, and inspiration to write more. This class offers a place for everyone to learn techniques and strategies as well as the peace of mind of sharing your work in a safe and supportive group. 


Each week we will focus on a different theme, respond to the various writing prompts, enjoy the selected readings and other audio visual resources. Every Tuesday evening, Liz will facilitate a 1-hour session when you have the opportunity to share your work and ask questions or request support. 

Every Sunday morning the content for that week will become available on the class’s dedicated, password-protected site. All discussions and comment threads will be entirely private and viewable only to those enrolled in the class. 

Space is limited to 8 participants.


The weekly schedule runs from Sunday through Saturday. As we move through the weeks, the content and discussions from previous weeks will still be available. Access to the course will end Saturday, November 23.  

Week 1: Starting Where You Are (October 6 - October 12) This week we will get oriented in the course and with each other with writing prompts and other resources to help you get started. 

Week 2: What Nature Teaches Us (October 13 - October 19) This week we will write about the natural world, exploring what it can teach us about ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.

Week 3: Love & Relationships (October 20 - October 26) This week we explore writing about love and relationships, experimenting with different techniques and forms.

Week 4: Writing About and Through Difficult Times (October 27 - November 2) This week we will read and reflect on the poems that get us through difficult times and write some of our own.

Week 5: Writing Our World (November 3 - November 9) This week we will write about our current world, envisioning one that is more just, loving and kind, putting words to our visions. 

Week 6: Going Deeper (November 10 - November 16) This week we will explore strategies for revision, ways to deepen our writing through revision processes, and techniques for polishing our poems.


These video conference meetings are optional. During the hour, we will have the opportunity to share our new writing with the group and ask questions and offer support to one another. All meetings will be on Tuesday evenings at 6pm Pacific Standard Time. We will use Google Meet Hangouts and you can join by video or telephone.

  • October 8

  • October 15

  • October 22

  • October 29

  • November 4

  • November 11


Space is limited to 8 participants, so early registration is encouraged. If you have any questions, please contact Liz and she will be happy to answer them.

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