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JUST BEYOND YOURSELF: The Courage in Poetry - An Evening with David Whyte

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Join Liz for this wonderful evening with David Whyte. After the event we will get together for an hour or so and share our responses to what he had to say.

About this event

JUST BEYOND YOURSELF: The Courage in Poetry

Throughout the ages, the language of poetry has held a special power to lend us courage, to give us the vision of those who endured and to hazard ourselves boldly in the world we must inhabit. The insights and imagery of poetry can take us beyond any small perimeter we have made for ourselves and call us to look life straight in the eyes. Once we establish ourselves at this conversational frontier, we find ourselves living amidst revelation, the recipients of visible and invisible help we could not previously recognize. Poetry tells us we can not only be found by a greater world, but also enlarge ourselves to become a participating element in that new future.

Join David Whyte for an evening looking at the joy, griefs, surprises, humor and conversations of human life, and the way poetry can give us courage to walk into the middle of it all and make a home.