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Poetry Book of the Month July 2018

Greetings poets and poetry lovers! 

The July 2018 Poetry Book of the Month is Ordinary Beast by Nicole Sealey. 

Here's what Harper Collins says of this work:

"The existential magnitude, deep intellect, and playful subversion of St. Thomas-born, Florida-raised poet Nicole Sealey’s work is restless in its empathic, succinct examination and lucid awareness of what it means to be human.

The ranging scope of inquiry undertaken in Ordinary Beast—at times philosophical, emotional, and experiential—is evident in each thrilling twist of image by the poet. In brilliant, often ironic lines that move from meditation to matter of fact in a single beat, Sealey’s voice is always awake to the natural world, to the pain and punishment of existence, to the origins and demises of humanity. Exploring notions of race, sexuality, gender, myth, history, and embodiment with profound understanding, Sealey’s is a poetry that refuses to turn a blind eye or deny. It is a poetry of daunting knowledge."


From "in igboland":

Every thing aspires to one
degradation or another. I want
to learn how make something
holy, then walk away.

You can read more about Nicole Sealey and her work here: 

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