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Discovering and Sharing Your Sacred Story for Social Change

Discovering and Sharing Your Sacred Story for Social Change

a presentation by

Dr. Liz Burke-Cravens

15 Annual Power of Words Conference 2018

Transformative Language Arts Network

Goddard College | Plainfield, VT | October 11-14

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Much has been written about how writers heal themselves through writing, however, how writers can help others and facilitate healing in community is often overlooked. In this workshop, we will discover stories unique to our experiences, understand them as our personal—and sacred—gifts to the world, and as vehicles for personal and social transformation. We will consider these questions: In what ways do you think the stories of your personal experiences may be beneficial to others? How might sharing stories of your personal experience be a part of your spiritual practice of doing good work in the world? What aspects of your life experience may comprise an essential story you gift to the world? How might your story be a vehicle for social change?

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