Upcoming Online Classes!

Greetings and welcome to September!


I hope this email finds you well and rested from a relaxing summer. I have a few exciting things in the works that I want to share with you.

I will be piloting an online poetry workshop September 20-October 17. I’m calling it Poetry Workshop: Explore, Expand & Encourage Your Writing Practice. In this 4-week online workshop, you will find an encouraging environment in which you can experiment with new forms, play with language and imagery, generate new material, and invigorate your writing process. Click HERE for more info.

In October, I will be teaching a course hosted by the Transformative Language Arts Network called Writing Our Lives: The Poetic Self & Transformation. In this class, we will explore reading poetry as transformative engagement and writing poetry as transformative practice. This class will focus on three main areas: explore our own responses to reading of a variety of contemporary poets’ writings on themes such as childhood, grief and death, adolescence, and love and intimacy; elements of the craft, including diction, metaphor, voice, style, imagery; and generating a new body of work. Click HERE for more info.

Both of these classes appropriate for those with any amount of experience writing poetry, from those who are interested in learning more and might be a bit nervous about it, to writers with years of experience who want to generate new work and brush up on elements of craft and be exposed to new contemporary writers.

Lastly, I invite you to join the A Brave Space Poets discussion group. This group is an inclusive online community in which members share, appreciate, discuss, question, and are inspired by poetry. This community offers a space for self-reflection, for finding solace in thoughtful, deliberate, and beautiful language, and exploring how poetry is vital when aggressive forces seek to divide us. No poetry experience required! And, no need to be a member of Facebook either.  Click HERE to join the discussion.

As always, feel free to drop me a line, ask me a question, or offer a suggestion! In the meantime, keep on writing and take good care.

Much love,
Liz Burke-Cravens, EdD

An age comes to believe in the power of poetry to transform lives, to make readers see themselves and their world more clearly, and to lead those readers to a more vivid and conscious life. Poetry extends the boundaries of thought by extending the boundaries of express itself. Poets articulate thoughts and feelings in ways that clarify both; they hold a mirror of sorts up to the mind if not to the world, and their poems reflect our deepest imaginings, our hopes for ourselves and our society.
— Jay Parini, from Why Poetry Matters