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When we discover, explore, and (re)connect with our voices—that perspective, knowledge, and expression that is uniquely ours—our life stories become intimate and emotionally powerful. Throughout this 6-unit self-paced course, we will explore our various life experiences as a springboard for generating life stories that reflect our distinctive voices. By the end of the course, you will have a body of new writing, a clearer understanding of your writer voice, and an enhanced ability to connect with your audience. Lifetime access for $129.

Starts October 16, 2019!

When we write and share our work in a supportive creative community we nurture ourselves and those who join us. Writing together and witnessing one another’s creative work can help inspire ideas, soften our wounds, and enliven our writing practice. This 6-week online writing class is intended exactly for that: to come together around the campfire in creative community, to learn, to write, to nurture our poetic voice, and support each other along the way. Early Registration before 9/30 - $250; Regular Registration - $290

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