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New Online Course & Other Happenings @ A Brave Space February 2019

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I'm thrilled to announce my latest course offering is now live. Offered through the Transformative Language Arts Network, this self-paced online class is called Narratives of Self & Society: Writing Life Stories for Change. I'm grateful to the TLA Network for the invitation to create this and to host it!

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Throughout the 10-unit class, I guide your exploration of autoethnography— a self-reflective/reflexive approach to studying personal life experiences as a means to illuminate social realities, reveal structural inequalities, and bring cultural nuances to the forefront of our work. Notable for the healing and transformative qualities of the process, autoethnography offers a way to explore the complex constellation of privileges and disadvantages unique to each of us.

Each unit includes guided instruction through a podcast lecture, selected readings about autoethnography as well as examples of these types of texts, and videos related to that unit's theme. You will have the opportunity to focus in on a particular writing project which you will develop throughout the 10 units, beginning with brainstorming ideas for your project and culminating in a fully-developed autoethnography. Through intriguing self-reflective activities and inspiring creative prompts, you will generate a robust new body of writing and ideas for future life-story projects.

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This is a self-paced class which means you move through each unit on your own timeframe. I recommend taking your time exploring the various resources and working with the writing and creative prompts, giving yourself the spaciousness and ease to dive deep and generate compelling narratives that will touch the hearts and minds of your readers. 

Wishing you all the best,

Liz Burke-Cravens, EdD

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