What's new at A Brave Space


Whats new at A Brave Space.

Greetings writers, dreamers, poets, and change agents!

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the summer. I am writing to let you know about what I have lined up through the end of the year. Beginning in July, we will come together to learn and write in community in a variety of ways: in groups, workshops, and courses.

I am particularly excited to teach another course for the Transformative Language Arts Network called Cultivating Our Voices: Writing Life Stories for Change. In this 6-week course, we will explore our various life experiences as a springboard for generating life stories that reflect our distinctive voices and become narratives for change. This online course starts September 5! 

These offerings will occur in person, online, or a hybrid of both! See below for more details and check the calendar for updates.

In the spirit of building a creative community and supporting each other's voices, please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email hello and/or join me on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Let's get our stories and our voices out there!

All the best,

Dr. Liz Burke-Cravens

Wellspring Writers

In this monthly group, we will write together, engaging a variety of prompts to get our words flowing and those ideas, images, and voices that are present inside of us out onto the page. This takes place in-person in Oakland, CA. The next meeting is Saturday, July 14!

CATALYST: Writing in Community

During this 6-week online writing group, you will have the opportunity to generate a robust new body of work and join in on weekly video conferencing sessions for check-ins, live discussion, and sharing. The next session begins August 5!

Cultivating Our Voices: Writing Life Stories for Change

When we discover, explore, and (re) connect with our voices—that perspective, knowledge, and expression that is uniquely ours—our life stories become intimate and emotionally powerful. We begin to offer a glimpse of what it’s like to live the complex constellation of privileges and disadvantages, joys and heartbreaks that are exclusive to each of us. This 6-week online class starts September 5!
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Happy 2018!

Hello friends, colleagues, and fellow writers!

We are halfway through the first month of 2018 and I have been busy planning the workshops, online courses, writing groups, and other activities for the year ahead. I have some exciting offerings in the works and I invite you to join me!

CATALYST: A Monthly Multi-Genre Writing Group – STARTS FEBRUARY 1


The premise of this group is that writing is a catalyst, a process and expression that effects change, both personal and social. Writing affirms life and our struggles. We use it to explore society, the world, our histories, and experiences. By writing in community, we develop trusting relationships and create a safe—and brave—space, which allows us to be vulnerable, and in turn, empowered. When we are empowered and equipped with our stories, told in our own words, from our own perspective, we make change. Suggested sliding scale, $15-$60, no one turned away for lack of funds. Check out the participation guidelines to see if this is the right group for you!

Writing as a Sacred Path, March 4 – April 15


This guided discussion group will work with the book Writing as a Sacred Path: A Practical Guide to Writing with Passion and Purpose by Jill Jepson. Each week participants will read from the text and complete one or more writing prompts. I will distill the main ideas in the readings and offer some thoughts and reflections. There will be a facilitated discussion space to discuss and reflect on the ideas in the book as well as a space to share writings inspired by the prompts. Suggested sliding scale, $40-$150, limited to 8 participants.

New Writing Prompts


If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen a few new writing prompts come across your newsfeed: Writing the Everyday and What Nature Teaches Us. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to test out the prompts and see where they take you in your writing. And, please let me know how it goes! I’m always looking for feedback and wanting to know more about your experience with writing.

Liz Burke-Cravens, EdD

I have a few other self-guided tutorials in the works as well that I will announce soon. In the meantime, I hope to connect with you online and otherwise. As always, feel free to email me at abravespace@gmail.com or on social media with any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas! 

Here’s to a fabulous, fierce, and creative 2018!

Much love,

Liz Burke-Cravens, EdD

Upcoming Online Classes!

Greetings and welcome to September!


I hope this email finds you well and rested from a relaxing summer. I have a few exciting things in the works that I want to share with you.

I will be piloting an online poetry workshop September 20-October 17. I’m calling it Poetry Workshop: Explore, Expand & Encourage Your Writing Practice. In this 4-week online workshop, you will find an encouraging environment in which you can experiment with new forms, play with language and imagery, generate new material, and invigorate your writing process. Click HERE for more info.

In October, I will be teaching a course hosted by the Transformative Language Arts Network called Writing Our Lives: The Poetic Self & Transformation. In this class, we will explore reading poetry as transformative engagement and writing poetry as transformative practice. This class will focus on three main areas: explore our own responses to reading of a variety of contemporary poets’ writings on themes such as childhood, grief and death, adolescence, and love and intimacy; elements of the craft, including diction, metaphor, voice, style, imagery; and generating a new body of work. Click HERE for more info.

Both of these classes appropriate for those with any amount of experience writing poetry, from those who are interested in learning more and might be a bit nervous about it, to writers with years of experience who want to generate new work and brush up on elements of craft and be exposed to new contemporary writers.

Lastly, I invite you to join the A Brave Space Poets discussion group. This group is an inclusive online community in which members share, appreciate, discuss, question, and are inspired by poetry. This community offers a space for self-reflection, for finding solace in thoughtful, deliberate, and beautiful language, and exploring how poetry is vital when aggressive forces seek to divide us. No poetry experience required! And, no need to be a member of Facebook either.  Click HERE to join the discussion.

As always, feel free to drop me a line, ask me a question, or offer a suggestion! In the meantime, keep on writing and take good care.

Much love,
Liz Burke-Cravens, EdD

An age comes to believe in the power of poetry to transform lives, to make readers see themselves and their world more clearly, and to lead those readers to a more vivid and conscious life. Poetry extends the boundaries of thought by extending the boundaries of express itself. Poets articulate thoughts and feelings in ways that clarify both; they hold a mirror of sorts up to the mind if not to the world, and their poems reflect our deepest imaginings, our hopes for ourselves and our society.
— Jay Parini, from Why Poetry Matters

What's New at A Brave Space

Greetings writers, friends, and colleagues,
I hope this message finds you well! I’m writing to give you an update on the latest happenings with A Brave Space. As writers and change agents in the current political landscape, it is crucial that we continue to polish up our skills, affirm and voice our commitment to social justice, and nurture ourselves in a supportive community. With this as my starting point, I have launched these initiatives and I invite you to join me.

  • An online workshop: Written Resistance: Writing Your Personal Stories to Resist Injustice.” There is a desperate need for us writer's to share our stories, to express the truth of our lived experience as a way to oppose the numerous lies the current administration is telling us on a daily basis. Many writers have expressed to me that they feel the need to write their stories, but they don't know where to begin. As a way to help those writers, as well as writer's who are looking to polish their skills and write in community, I will facilitate this 4-week online workshop April 30-May 28. Click on the link above for details!


  • A discussion group: “A Brave Space Poets. This Facebook group is an inclusive online community in which members share, appreciate, discuss, question, and are inspired by poetry. This community offers a space for self-reflection, for finding solace in thoughtful, deliberate, and beautiful language, and exploring how poetry is vital when aggressive forces seek to divide us. No poetry experience required! And, no need to be a member of Facebook either.  

As always, feel free to drop me a line, ask me a question, or offer a suggestion! In the meantime, keep on writing, keep on telling your truth in face of "alternative facts," and, first and foremost, take care.

 Much love,
Liz Burke-Cravens, EdD

To read poetry, to return to a space for second thoughts, for complexity, for empathy, for words that are not defensive or aggressive or divisive or belittling, renews a faith in language and stillness, and a courage in the possibilities of protest, of “speaking truth to power”. Poetry is always a form of political intervention, since it creates a reader who is interested in other people, in relations between experience and truth.
— Nick Laird