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About A Brave Space

At A Brave Space, we celebrate writing as a personally and socially transformative practice, a mode of self-expression and creativity, and as a way of working with words and story to foster resilience and strengthen communities. By giving voice to our stories and witnessing the stories of others, we honor our unique journeys and learn from one another’s different life experiences, perspectives, and visions. In this way, writing is a path of liberation, healing, and community building. We foster a space that privileges voices that are otherwise marginalized. We write for change.

The writing classes, groups, and workshops at A Brave Space are guided by the following values:

Writing groups and online classes by Liz Burke-Cravens in Oakland, California.
  • Generosity of spirit/non-judgment. Accepting people for where they are at any given moment with whatever constellation of emotions, thoughts, and perspectives they are expressing. This also includes having a non-judgmental orientation and the fundamental assumption that everyone is doing their best however that takes shape.

  • Deep listening and connection. Deep listening opens a space for transformation and learning where meaningful connections can be made.

  • Embracing the process as inquiry. Embracing the process as inquiry means growing our curiosity and inquisitiveness, allowing questions and wonder to fuel creativity, relationships with self and others, and one’s work.

  • Inclusion, access, and equity. Different voices, identities, and contributions are welcomed, valued, respected, and appreciated.

  • Self-care. Taking care of one’s self and well-being is essential as we come together to share our writing, life experiences, and unique perspectives.


A Brave Space offers confidential, non-clinical writing classes, groups, and workshops to a global community of writers, poets, scholars, and creatives. We work with writers of all backgrounds wishing to give voice to their unique experiences, express their truths, and share their stories. We provide the spaciousness and ease necessary to cultivate our voices and the platform to express them.


A Brave Space brings people together as creative allies to honor our individual voices and share our stories in community to create lasting and meaningful change.